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A Bible, 1560, incomplete and with hand written annotations to the margins, sold to an American collector for £8,000

It is certainly true that you must “never judge a book by its cover”, as one of the great book discoveries made by Richard Bromell was a 17th century Breeches bible. It was camouflaged in a 19th century binding and looking like a Victorian bible, the content was much more valuable than a typical Victorian bible worth less than £50. Richard, who has been involved in auctioneering for nearly 30 years, spent a couple of years running a book department. Perhaps the strangest things about books is that age does not matter, as already mentioned, a 150 year old Victorian bible can be worth less than £50, but a first edition Harry Potter can sell for £25,000!! With regular specialist book sections, Charterhouse has successfully sold vast quantities of volumes over the years from single tomes to complete libraries. All of our auctions use live internet bidding platforms to ensure that every lot, whether it is worth £20 or £500,000, reaches the widest possible market and sells for the best price possible. In the run up to an auction we receive 100’s of emails requesting further information for lots in the sale. Attached to these email replies, we regularly send well over 1,000 digital images, such is the huge interest generated in our auctions.

For further information regarding selling books at auction, please contact Richard Bromell, Director

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