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Coin Collection Worth a Mint

A group of coins collected by a gentleman over the past few years in his retirement are estimated to sell for £15,000 in the Charterhouse auction of coins, medals and stamps on Thursday 10th March. “I have had a 50 year interest in coin collecting, first as a young lad and now as a collector, […]

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Small Change

A small box of coins, found in a garage as the owner was moving house, cover some 2,000 years of minted coins are entered in to the Charterhouse auction of coins, medals, stamps and collector’s items on 2nd & 3rd December an could sell for up to £1,000. “Garages are not normally the hunting ground […]

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Coins Worth a Mint

The Charterhouse two day September collector’s auction includes a large collection of modern British coins estimated to sell for thousands of pounds. “The coin market remains very strong with collectors taking advantage of seeing and bidding on coins online and then having them safely posted to them.” Commented Richard Bromell. “Personally I have had a […]

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